Arts of Italy Study Abroad Trip


My trip to Italy was a opportunity of a lifetime! I went my Summer of 2017, and we were able to experience up close and personal Renaissance Art. I was able to see work by Michelangelo, Botticelli and many more artists. I was also able to see different parts of the beautiful city of Florence every step of the way. Some of my favorite parts of the trip would have to be eating lots of delicious gelato and hiking in Cinque Terre.

I went on this trip through my college SUNY Fredonia. I had the chance to go with two of my best friends growing up as well. My friend Alexi Taranto (SUNY Morrisville) and Amanda Hodge (SUNY Geneseo) were able to go through my program at school. This will be a memory that all of us can look back on someday.